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This is the team that produces the paper edition of the Bloxham Broadsheet.
Articles from the paper-edition automatically feed into this web-edition and so you are encouraged to email materials to the joint editor: Brenda Kirkham. That way they will end up both on paper and on-line.

Items for the Broadsheet may alternatively be handed in on paper at any of the Bloxham addresses that follow.

  • Rose Bank Cottage, Chapel Street
  • 23 Chipperfield Park Road
  • 9 Lawrence Leys
  • Kent House, Barford Road
  • 52 Winters Way

Normally the deadline is the 5th of the month preceding publication but there tends to be neither a January nor an August edition and so here the deadline is 5th November and 5th June.

Inevitably the paper version has a longer lead-in time than the web edition and so occasionally there will be articles of a more urgent nature that appear only in the on-line edition. If you have something that really is urgent then contact John Groves here who will consider including it into the on-line edition.

John GrovesUrgent Online articles only email

Name Role Telephone Email
Doreen Spring Joint Editor 720-460
Brenda Kirkham Joint Editor email
Carole Vincent Advertising 720-809 email
Carmen Guard Typing 720-339
Nerys Jones Distribution 720-106
Jean Phillips Village Co-ordinator & Distribution 720-934
Contact us on this email address


  1. I see you’ve waited 2 minutes between your first and your follow-up email. Thank you for your patience 🙂
    The Bloxham Broadsheet online does not carry commercial adverts but it does provide a link on the home page to the email address for adverts in the paper Bloxham Broadsheet:
    I hope that helps.

  2. I await your response to my question

  3. Could you please advise as to the cost of placing an advert in the Bloxham Broadsheet please.

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