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The Loft: Beauty Rooms

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Banbury Mayor, Nicholas Turner showed his support to the development of local business and ventured to Bloxham to open a brand new beauty and wellness salon which promises to leave clients ‘loft for words’.

‘The Loft: Beauty Rooms’ is the creation of well-known local beauty therapists Claire Armstrong and Katy Doughty. Claire, who ran the ‘Beauty Spot’ salon in Banbury before taking a career break to focus on bringing up her young family and Katy,  who has been teaching Beauty Therapy at Oxford and Cherwell Valley College for the last 12 years, have teamed up to create a health and beauty experience that is unique to the area.

Having taken up residence above Bread and Milk deli, they hosted a special launch weekend to welcome clients, family and friends to experience the unique blend of stylish surroundings, relaxed atmosphere and exciting range of new treatments.

Claire and Katy said ‘We are both so excited to be opening this salon together, we have been talking about doing something like this for many years and now that we are here it is a dream come true”. “We are both passionate about offering the best service that we can and we wanted to find a venue that matched that aspiration. We feel that the rustic style at ‘Bread and Milk’ created by the owners Donna and Paul really matched ours and setting up home here just felt so natural”.

Although it goes without saying that Claire and Katy are totally committed to providing the highest standard of treatment, they both believe that it is the holistic experience that is just as important. As Claire says, “You can go to a number of beauty salons and they will do great treatment but it will be impersonal… we feel that it is really important to get to know our clients and letting them see ‘The Loft’ as a place where they can escape and be among friends.” This ethos is best summed up by Katy who says, “You don’t just leave us looking fabulous on the outside, you go out into the world glowing on the inside too”.

For the first few weeks of opening, the girls are offering a trial package called ‘The Loft Conversion’ which is a series of ‘mini-treatments’ enabling new clients to experience a range of the treatments that ‘The Loft’ provides.

Bookings are being taken currently and contact details can be found on the loft website www.theloftbeautyrooms.co.uk or you can call 01295 722993

The Loft

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