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Traffic Lights on the Barford Rd – 9 to11th April 2018

The County Council has advised that there will be two way off peak (0930 – 1530) traffic lights for up to three working days between 09.04.18 – 11.04.18 only, 50m past Wooden Hill Farm, Barford Road, Bloxham.

Unfortunately the map provided does not make it easy to know exactly where the works are.

We think it’s somewhere close to the entrance to the base – maybe around half-way between Bloxham Mill  and Barford St John.
(Please use the comments or FB page to tell us if this is not correct.)

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  1. Looking at https://roadworks.org it looks like there will be Openreach work with temporary lights from the 26th-3rd in the same area.

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