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Bloxham Feoffees – the answer! – Aug 2017

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The article “Somewhere to go in Bloxham” posed the question “What or who are the Bloxham Feoffees? ”  This article tries to respond to that question.

The Feoffees originated in the Saxon era and were the Town Council of Bloxham until 1895 when Parish Councils were established and took on many of their duties.
They own the Court House which houses Bloxham’s Museum on the ground floor with Mrs Campbell’s Rainbow Nursery upstairs.

If you walk around the village at weekends you will see the old fire engine outside the museum when it is open. The fire engine originated in 1750 & was carried to any fires by hand; from 1875 it was mounted on wheels. The fire brigade were Feoffees & Churchwardens.

The Feoffees raise their income from renting out the Court House facilities as well as farmland in and around the village. This land is situated along the Grove Road and South Newington Road and is currently rented out to Warriner School Farm and Happy Valley Farm respectively.

Nowadays their main activities are in the form of financial help for Bloxham based children about to go to university who need help with buying course books.

They also support local worthy causes and students who are fund raising for a suitable UK or overseas project. Individuals must be able to give evidence of what they have raised so far however Gap Year activities are not included.

The Feoffees are a registered charity and any applications for funding must be made in writing to the Chairman, David Gibbard.

Periodically notices appear in The Broadsheet inviting appropriate applications.


Editors Note

For those who want to dig deeper – there is a leaflet about the Bloxham Feofees that used to be (and may still be) available from Bloxham Museum for a mere £0.20

The Charity Commision  website is also a useful sourcve of further information about the Bloxham Feoffees.




  1. There is still some basic information about the trustees online here; http://beta.charitycommission.gov.uk/charity-details/?subid=0&regid=249807 Click on the people tab. Maybe one of the trustees might see this and respond directly.

  2. Emily Colipi Lawrence says:


    Is it possible to get a contact email/phone number regarding an application for oversees funding from the Bloxham Feoffees.



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