Evidence of A361 Issues required – April 2017

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The Parish Clerk has received the letter below.
Basically it says there is a pot of government money to improve dangerous road black-spots but evidence of the need is required.
A group of Cherwell councillors are looking into problems of traffic/large vehicles etc along the A361 from Chippie to Banbury which has a bad record but have also included all villages in the vicinity of the A361, who might use this road or be affected by the problems on the road
If anyone has evidence, especially photographic, or useful knowledge that might help make a case then get in touch as below.


Dear Parish Clerk,

You may be aware that the Overview & Scrutiny Committee of Cherwell District Council has set up a Working Group to look at issues associated with the A361. Ultimately, this road is owned by Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) so the influence we have is limited to pointing out the problems and persuading OCC to rectify them.

We understand that there is a pot of Government money available to tackle known black-spots (the A361 between Banbury and Hook Norton is one of them) and we aim to work with OCC to seek improvements to this road for the benefit of all its users but most particularly for those communities through which it runs or passes nearby.

We plan to drive along the entire route between Banbury and Hook Norton taking photographs and filming those aspects of the highway which we consider to be hazardous and / or the cause of inconvenience to local residents (this could include, for instance, rat-running through your village, difficulties joining the road at certain times of the day, lack of pavement / crossing points etc).

To help inform our work and as your residents are best placed to know the big, and smaller, problems associated with this road we are asking that they forward their findings and thoughts to us at preferably with pictorial evidence, ideally before the end of April.

Kind Regards,

Cllr Mike Bishop, Cllr Hugo Brown, Cllr Chris Heath & Cllr Bryn Williams (A361 Working Group)

Emma Faulkner

Democratic and Elections Officer
Law and Governance


  1. This is an issue that has been discussed for years so it’s good to see that councillors are at last recognising the problems. There is plenty of photographic and video evidence available. The councillors might like to rethink their proposed route as the stretch of the A361 they are addressing runs from Banbury to Chipping Norton and not Hook Norton. In 2015 it was named the 8th riskiest road in the UK.

  2. Myra PetersB3MS says:

    A361 in South Newington is dreadful, dangerous bends, large potholes, a blind exit from the little road opposite The Duck on a Pond

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