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Our visit to Shri Venkteswara Hindu Temple in Tividale, West Midlands on 9th November 2010

In the temple we had to take our shoes off. They had very slippy floors which were very sparkly too. They had beautiful walls. We saw some statues of elephants which had lots of patterns on them. We walked into a shrine and I smelt incense. The shrine was very colourful and beautifully decorated. We had poppadoms and rice to eat.
Phoebe Kesterton. Year 3 Bloxham C of E Primary School

When we arrived we went into a shrine. It was beautiful how it had been decorated. It looked like they really care for it and love it. We had to take our shoes off and the floor was very shiny black and a bit of white. There were pictures and statues of their gods and the decorations are different compared to ours. The Hindu temple was amazing.
Rosalie Smith. Year 3 Bloxham C of E Primary School

On Tuesday 9th November we went to visit a Hindu Temple because we are learning about India. First we went to the main hall and Mr Ram who was our tour guide told us a Hindu story. Then we went through a mini shelter and took our shoes off because we needed to keep the temple clean and show respect. After that we went into a huge temple. It was fabulous! A Hindu priest was holding an Aarti tray and forming a circle around the shrine. Next we got to have a look around the temple and the priest gave us some blessed nuts because that is what would happen in a Hindu worship ceremony. Afterwards we went to the smaller shrines to meditate. Then we put our shoes on and went into a smaller temple to eat poppadoms and rice. Next it was lunch. During lunch, Mr Ram told us a story about leaving our ego behind before entering a temple. Ego is when you boast about being the best at something. You need to leave your ego behind before worshipping because God doesn’t want you to be like that.
Madeleine Cheung. Year 4 Bloxham C of E Primary School

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